College Campus Crimes & Defense: Why Working with a Criminal Lawyer Matters

Working toward a college degree is a pivotal moment in one’s life. Whether it’s an undergrad or graduate program, a student’s education and experiences in many ways shape their personal and professional futures. Unfortunately, that also means criminal allegations can shape them as well.

Our criminal defense attorneys at The Law Office of David A. Webster, P.A. have decades of collective experience representing college students who have been charged with crimes. Because we know criminal accusations can have a profound impact on their futures, and an immediate impact on their education, we work diligently to protect students’ rights during both criminal proceedings and any administrative actions brought by collegiate adminstrators.

Common campus crimes we handle include:

  • Drug crimes, including possession and sales
  • DUI
  • Public intoxication / disorderly conduct
  • Underage possession of alcohol
  • Theft Crimes
  • Violent crimes, including assault / battery
  • Sexual Assault / Title IX proceedings

Why Experienced Defense Attorneys Matter

  • Immediate Impact – College students charged with crimes can face proceedings and potential penalties that create significant disruption in their lives. Investigations, hearings, and terms of incarceration can cause immediate interruptions that cause students to miss classes, assignments, or their educational goals. As defense attorneys, it is our job to alleviate the immediate concerns of our clients by educating them about their rights and what to expect, attending hearings or proceedings on their behalf when their presence is not required, and working toward a solid defense, alternative sentencing options, and positive resolutions while they focus on studying.
  • Future Goals – Criminal charges can impact a student’s future in profound ways. Felony convictions, or convictions for certain crimes, for example, may prevent students from working in the field in which they have been studying, or otherwise limit their professional opportunities later in life. Defense attorneys work to protect the futures of clients by helping them explore all available options with their futures in mind. This may include options such as drug diversion, treatment programs, reduced charges and penalties, and other resolutions that help them maintain their path toward their future goals.
  • Disciplinary hearings – Depending on the circumstances, some crimes may trigger disciplinary hearings conducted by a school’s administrative officials, particularly if they occur on campus or involve sexual allegations. The most glaring example of such a proceeding are Title IX hearings, which relate specifically to sexual harassment, sexual assault, and stalking allegations against students at federally funded universities. Title IX hearings and any other disciplinary action taken by schools are independent from criminal cases, and entail different rules and procedures. However, their significance can be tremendous, as they not only have the potential to lead to criminal allegations if none have yet been filed, but also pose the risk of disciplinary penalties such as expulsion. Our firm protect the rights of students during Title IX hearings and administrative disciplinary actions in conjunction with or prior to any criminal case.

Protect Your Future with Proven Seminole County Criminal Defense Lawyers

There is no understating the seriousness of a criminal allegation, nor the future implications of convictions and disciplinary actions taken by universities or other institutions of higher learning. With so much on the line, students and their families should be intent on working with experienced defense attorneys who have experience guiding students strategically through both matters, and who have the resources to fight for their futures.

If you wish to discuss a college campus crime and how our criminal defense lawyers can help you, contact us for a free consultation. The Law Office of David A. Webster, P.A. serves clients throughout Seminole County, Volusia County, Orange County, and beyond.